About the Company

Welcome. markITelligence is a specialized marketing and sales consultancy whose objective is to support business-to-business technology vendors with strategic, enabling solutions.

The bedrock of our services is decades of experience in developing, deploying and extending solutions for technology clients, from Fortune 1000 through startup.

Our core competencies lie in lead management, database management, market research, and consulting. Our vision is to support sales, marketing and business development with our proprietary sales and marketing processes… methodologies founded on best practices and our deep industry experience.

The result for clients is the alignment of marketing goals with corporate strategies.

It’s in Our Name

Marketing. Technology. Intelligence… These are the fundamentals that drive our client engagements. We deliver the market intelligence that helps clients succeed.

We collaborate with clients. Based on what they tell us and what we observe, we identify areas of actual or potential weakness, then recommend ways to overcome them.

Along the way, we often offer alternative perspectives on marketing and sales initiatives.

markITelligence… Your Partner

Successful companies look to partnerships for added value and expertise – and that’s the kind of relationship we will develop with you.

Your organization’s real business needs, coupled with our knowledge of most vertical industries, of technology trends and best IT practices, can mean mutual, longtime business success.