PALM HARBOR, FL (April 27, 2006) – When you’re a marketing company and a client feeds its outside sales leads through you, you’ve clearly won client trust.

When the business is technology, that trust is especially hard-earned.

Here, a bad decision can be exceedingly expensive. The marketplace is ultra-competitive and constantly shifting. Failing to adjust can mean business cessation or acquisition.

Citrix Systems – a leading enterprise software developer whose customers include all the Fortune 100 – experienced such a shift via an unexpected 26% growth spurt. That may seem enviable. However, marketing bandwidth needed to expand within a fixed infrastructure – and with a predetermined budget.

Already, Citrix faced extreme difficulties in processing leads through a big-name outside firm. Lag time was lengthy, centralized reporting was lacking, and continuing errors forced Citrix marketing managers to focus more on quality control and less on strategy.

The markITelligence Turnaround

Engaging markITelligence, a firm whose sole clients are B2B technology vendors, made all the difference for the Citrix marketing department. James M Hannagan, vice president of strategy at markITelligence, guided his consulting team to create a three-pronged leads solution:

  • Process optimization based around deployment of a customized Online Lead Processing System (OLPS)
  • Automation improvement through a secure Web portal that lets authorized users set up and monitor campaigns and also manage processed files
  • Database management that includes data standardization, scrubbing, appending, and scoring.

As Traci Anderson, manager of e-marketing at Citrix, explains the transition, “We now have one-stop lead management and reporting for all North American demand-generation campaigns. And we no longer hear any complaints on turnaround times.”

To read a case study detailing the improvements made for Citrix, click here.

For more information about markITelligence and its services, or to learn about our conference on lead management best practices, contact James M Hannagan, 800-684-7571 or

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Citrix Systems, whose enterprise software simplifies information access, generates more than $900 million in annual revenues from offices in 22 countries. The company ranked #70 overall and #6 in infrastructure/network management in Software Magazine’s most recent Software 500.

markITelligence is a U.S. marketing firm that offers consulting as one of a full line of services to B2B technology vendors. Among its clients are Citrix Systems, Covad Communications, Getronics, Reactivity, and Ultimate Software.