IntelliBase – Subscription & List Rental

InTelliBase is a proprietary marketing and prospect database. A strategic asset, it is an enabling factor in our ability to deliver effective lead management solutions for our clients.

The adage “Garbage In – Garbage Out” is especially true in direct marketing. The database, a core input device in direct marketing, is critically important in developing highly qualified leads, motivating sales and marketing staff, and forming the foundation of future sales and revenue generation.

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InTelliBase is updated monthly. Each contact record has a verification date field to denote when that specific contact, not the company record, was verified. Our clients are able to control quality by specifying contacts that have been verified in a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month timeframe.

We know the importance of quality data and the negative impacts lack of quality creates. Our methodology, unlike many other database providers, bestows more efficient productivity and increased ROI, not to mention uplift in morale.

  • Companies: > 40,000
  • Size: 90% of companies have annual revenues = $100 million
  • Contacts: 225,000
  • Title Distribution: 60% IT, 40% LOB (Line of Business)

Technology adoption is a means of creating more tightly defined prospect databases for direct marketing activities. It provides intelligence that enables a direct marketer to create value based messaging. It is enabling in that the direct marketing exercise is elevated. In lead generation or qualification, the call exercise is focused more on the client’s solution rather than on “fact finding” to determine if the prospect has the “prerequisites” or the infrastructure that meets the client’s prospect profile.

InTelliBase tracks technologies deployed across the enterprise in four key areas:

  • Enterprise Applications
  • e-Business Infrastructure
  • Wireless/Handhelds
  • Networking/Storage

Use InTelliBase for its call center intelligence. Several means to extract call center intelligence is available:

  • Call center intelligence (# call centers, # agent positions)
  • Title selection (call center, service/support, help desk, consumer affairs mgmt)
  • Application selection (Siebel, Vantive/PeopleSoft, Remedy, Clarify, etc.)

InTelliBase identifies the relationship between parent company and its divisions, subsidiaries, business units, etc. There are more than 6,000 divisions, subsidiaries, etc. tied to parent companies in the Fortune 1000 alone!

InTelliBase is used to support Named and Strategic Account programs. Do your top Sales and Account Executive have the necessary intelligence to effectively penetrate your top prospects? Are they able to leverage success you may have in one part of a top account in another division or subsidiary? With InTelliBase the answer is YES!

InTelliBase is offered to our clients in several ways:

  • With any lead management program
  • One-time list rental
  • Individual corporate profiles

Engage markITelligence in any lead management program and we will provide the database. Not only will you receive leads developed in the program but, upon program completion, the database used for the program will be supplied.

Inquire about how to use InTelliBase to support a direct marketing program via list rental.

Individual corporate profiles are available. Fee structure is customized based on client requirements. Corporate profiles include parent company and all divisions, subsidiaries, etc. with complete demographic information. Contacts, based on client specifications, are delivered with verification dates. Technology information, again based on client specifications, is also available.