PALM HARBOR, FL (May 3, 2006) – Recent client activity at markITelligence supports the concept of electronic marketing as a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool.

During the first quarter of 2006, four clients chose IntelliMail – markITelligence’s proprietary email service – to promote special events. A fifth leveraged the outbound calling capabilities of markITelligence teleprofessionals.

CipherOptics and AmberPoint each relied on IntelliMail to promote a Web-based event. CipherOptics targeted storage professionals. AmberPoint (also a member of the SOA Leader Council) sponsored an SOA (service-oriented architecture) webcast featuring a Gartner analyst.

iET Solutions, a returning client, offered white papers promoting its solutions for service management, asset management, and business process analysis.

Imprivata has chosen to standardize its on-line event promotion on IntelliMail.

Reactivity, a member of the SOA Leader Council, contracted for outbound calling with email follow-up. Its promotion involved member cocktail receptions in Atlanta, Boston, and New York.

The IntelliMail Advantage

With IntelliMail, prospects essentially self-qualify by clicking on a link or links embedded in an HTML-coded document. This use of links typically obviates the need for a registration page, which often annoys recipients and proves inaccurate or incomplete.

Clients have flexible database options in targeting audiences with IntelliMail. They may select numerous demographics including job title, company revenue, number of employees, geographic area, vertical industry, and technologies in use. They may provide their own records, utilize the markITelligence database, or combine the two.

Following launch, IntelliMail generates reports of email opens and click-throughs that reflect prospect interest. With further qualification, this method results in solid leads that motivate both internal and channel sales teams.

IntelliMail is also a cost-effective means for message testing, for example, in support of a product launch or new-market penetration. mIT clients leveraging IntelliMail point to its unique three-session methodology and quality database as key success drivers.

AmberPoint has been recognized for its strong service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution and its policy-based approach. This fast-growing startup was formed in 2001 with venture backing.

CipherOptics develops intelligent devices that deploy and operate transparently to transmit and protect network data.

iET Solutions develops software that controls companies’ data, assets, and business processes. Its clients include Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, and Robert Half International.

Imprivata’s OneSign products use a single authentication management platform to secure networks and applications. The company is based in Lexington, MA.

Reactivity, together with SOA vendors AmberPoint, Parasoft, Systinet, and ThoughtWorks, is a founder of the SOA Leaders Council. The company’s SOA-based gateways offer common programming interface and interoperability.

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markITelligence is an independent marketing firm that offers a full menu of a la carte services to B2B technology vendors. Customers rely on it for market research, consulting, lead management, and database management.

For additional information contact James M Hannagan, markITelligence vice president of strategy, at 800-684-7571 or