Just two words convey the efforts of markITelligence appointment setters: calculated persistence… And two more reflect the result of their efforts: ongoing success.

The telemarketing profession encompasses a hierarchy of calling abilities, to fill different types of client needs. And appointment setters certainly rank near the top in skill sets.

Based on our extensive industry experience, we look for two critical qualities in appointment setters:

Business Acumen

We hire people with actual corporate experience, who understand the corporate structure and how to navigate within it. Many of them are former managers, who relate easily to the high-level professionals they call.


During the interview process, we ascertain whether applicants can understand a theoretical solution and map it to a set of actual business needs.

We give our personnel classroom training about your solution, then periodic coaching and monitoring as needed. In the iterative appointment-setting process, additional proven factors ensure success… and we can provide any or all of them:

Appointments on Demand

The pipeline of valid appointments you’ll reap may want you to make us a regular extension of your sales team. And we can be. But you’ll also find us flexible enough to fill in when you’ve had exceptional campaign response… When acceptance of a new product is vital… When you’ve had a cut in sales or marketing FTEs…

We specialize in B2B technology marketing – and in making ourselves available when and how you need us. To learn more, phone markITelligence at 800-684-7571, or email