Managed properly, electronic marketing is a powerful vehicle for quickly and effectively identifying suspects from a larger pool of prospects.

At markITelligence, skilled staff maximize the number and quality of suspects through use of our proprietary IntelliMail solution. This unique marketing vehicle integrates electronic marketing with other direct marketing activities, supplemented by an enriched response tracking system.

The IntelliMail platform incorporates technology that tracks click-throughs at the contact level. The electronic detail that results allows sales and marketing teams to capitalize on prospect behavior.

Essentially, prospects self-qualify by clicking on a link or links in an HTML document. Such activity shows that the prospect not only is reading your message but is interested enough to seek additional information about your company, its products and services.

The use of IntelliMail obviates the need to create a registration page for data capture… which may prove inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading anyway. Instead, markITelligence technology brings suspects into your lead pipeline quickly and cost effectively. The qualified leads that result will motivate both inside and outside sales organizations, and provide special support to companies that rely on channel sales.

IntelliMail begins with electronic collateral. You can provide us with a marketing piece, or we will create one for your approval. Whichever you choose, we will convert each document to HTML format as needed and seed it with several links – to a case study, a partner site, your corporate home page, or a solution-specific landing page… anything that will trigger and pinpoint prospect interest.

Our empirical analysis shows that response rates are maximized in three email sessions. In other words, interested recipients tend to click-through more on a second or third piece from a sender. Therefore, for each client campaign, IntelliMail launches three email messages to a target audience, with each subsequent session eliminating previous responders and opt-outs.

Certainly, the database is the heart of all prospect targeting. At markITelligence, our enterprise database consists of more than 225,000 contacts from 40,000-plus business entities.

Our flexible marketing strategies allow you three IntelliMail database options:

  1. You transmit your campaign database to us for setup, launch and follow-up.
  2. markITelligence provides its IntelliMail database, consisting of more than 100,000 opt-in business decision-makers.
  3. For enhanced productivity, markITelligence merges your internal database with its IntelliMail database.

Choose our IntelliMail database and get your first 1,000 contact records — all fresh — at no cost. Your cost for additional records will be tied to verification recency.

We can include any combination of these demographics to pinpoint your target audience:

  • Job title
  • Annual company revenue
  • Number of company employees
  • Geographic area
  • Technologies in use

Our clients have found IntelliMail ideal for promoting events, whether seminars, webinars, or fee-based conferences. It also has proven a cost-effective means for message testing, for example, in support of a product launch or new-market penetration, particularly when conducted in conjunction with phone follow-up.

IntelliMail truly is a strategic market research tool. At markITelligence, we’ll dig deep to optimize your value proposition and positioning. For example, we might:

  • Create multiple documents, each with a different message or a different offer.
  • Create control groups for each piece.
  • Measure click-through rates for each control group by message.
  • Rotate messages by control group and analyze the resulting responses.