InfoTech Leads

How does your organization develop sales leads?… Endlessly cold call? Cultivate prospect relationships? Or rely on an outside firm with a proven lead methodology?

Cold calling is a science, and not everyone – not even all salespeople – are equipped for it long-term.

In-house prospect cultivation is viable… if you’ve got a sizable marketing department… or you don’t mind having your sales team on the phone more than face to face.

Otherwise, it makes sense to channel lead-generating activities to an outside expert like markITelligence — for a consistent flow of self-qualified prospects that drives sales success and makes real competitive difference.

Intelligent Lead Management

Give your sales department reason to come to work. And let your marketing personnel attend to core business… like increasing the satisfaction of current customers… and conceiving and managing revenue-generating campaigns.

Meanwhile, the markITelligence team of experts will deploy effective lead management strategies based on best practices. On a regular basis. Or only as needed.

Call us when the pressure is on… At ramp-up to a big product launch. During a push to penetrate new vertical markets. Or when an important campaign is in the toilet.

Your customers, your employees, and your stakeholders can depend on us – and the approaches we’ve refined – at times like these. We won’t disappoint.

A Trusted Partner

Consider markITelligence a lead management partner – whether you need continuous lead support or program-specific services.

We’ll use our proprietary InfoTech Leads framework to design, implement, and evaluate solution-focused programs that incorporate any or all of these services:

No matter the size or structure of your company – trust our experience to bring higher quality leads, increased close rates, and faster time to market.