IntelliBrand – Brand Research

Brand equity. Brand awareness. Brand positioning… As any marketing professional knows, these three intangibles influence the business sales process tremendously. Nevertheless, the marketing function at many organizations sidesteps the empirical research that’s needed to leverage branding.

At markITelligence, we deem branding a strategic corporate asset. And through our multi-faceted IntelliBrand research, we provide clients with a triple framework for better defining and deploying their brands.

Evaluating existing brand equity is paramount in creating an environment for leveraging the brand. Without this knowledge, any leverage attempt may be futile.

To evaluate existing equity, markITelligence performs both quantitative and qualitative research, gathering data from these corporate stakeholders:

  • Client managers
  • Sales managers
  • Product and/or business development specialists
  • Service and support managers
  • Current customers loyal to the brand
  • Alliance and/or technology partners
  • Channel partners/Resellers
  • Brokerage firms
  • Communications media
  • Research and advisory organizations

Through analyzing the results, markITelligence achieves a broad perspective and a strategic roadmap for enhancing brand image and increasing brand equity.

Brand awareness in the marketplace is another primary factor in fully leveraging brand equity. Buyer attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral patterns all are keys to understanding.

markITelligence employs comparative analysis for better insight into overall brand equity. Our experience shows that this method delivers a backdrop against which to measure awareness in particular market segments. It also allows tracking of a brand over time and identifies positive or negative changes that may result from changes in strategy.

Research into brand awareness is recommended to support campaign development or in the deployment of advertising and/or marketing programs.

Positioning research lets organizations extend brand equity to support specific products or services. markITelligence consults with its clients to assess the power of their brand equity, whether horizontal – for the broad market – or vertical, for specific markets.

We consult with clients to determine overall positioning strategy. The related research framework may consist of:

  • Hypothesis creation and/or testing
  • Concept creation and/or testing
  • Communications methodology
  • Appropriate messaging

Concept statements, appeal ratings, and audience behavior and attitudes form the core of positioning research. Also considered are key business drivers – current and future, internal and external – that shape the market.

A firm understanding of all these factors will feed concept creation and subsequent testing methodologies.

At markITelligence, we consult with you, the client, to design the framework that best supports research into your branding. In gathering data, we may use any combination of these methods:

  • In-person interviews
  • Teleresearch
  • Direct mail
  • Electronic surveys
  • Focus groups

Secondary research also may be utilized, particularly in comparative analyses.