PALM HARBOR, FL (April 6, 2006) – markITelligence (mIT), a leading specialist in technology marketing, has completed a six-month study of security funding and structuring within large corporations.

The study gauged both the impact of mandated compliance and the benchmarks organizations use to measure their security compliance. Respondents represent industries that face significant regulatory pressures, including healthcare, finance, energy, transportation, telecommunications, and higher education.

Among findings highlights were these:

  • Eighty percent (80%) of companies fund security interdepartmentally. In addition to Information Technology… Operations, Finance, Risk Management, Administration, and Legal departments most often share in the funding.
  • Fewer companies fund security compliance than fund security, and the Information Technology department assumes relatively less responsibility for compliance funding.
  • Mandated compliance has negatively impacted Staffing at 71% of companies, Budgets at 60%, and New Projects at 48%. Nevertheless, 91% of companies feel that regulation has enhanced their security capabilities, and various strategies have evolved to compensate for any deficits.
  • Mid-market companies (those with revenues between $250 million and $1 billion) are most focused on compliance monitoring: 88% are involved in annual compliance activities.

markITelligence integrated electronic marketing, an online Web form, and teleprofessional calling to capture responses from appropriate executives and managers.

The study was sponsored by Getronics, a global systems integrator with a strong security practice based in its Red Siren division. Getronics has released the full markITelligence report, which is available online.

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markITelligence is an independent marketing firm that offers research as one of a full line of services to business-to-business technology vendors. Among its clients are Citrix Systems, Covad Communications, Empirix, Reactivity and Ultimate Software.

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