Market Research

Market Research

Effective research about buyers, users and competitors

The experts at markITelligence have over 40 years of combined experience running research programs. We obtain the data you need by deploying tactics that few organizations can. Moreover, we do it at a fraction of the cost of Gartner and other firms that hail themselves as research experts. We know, because we used to run research programs for Gartner and leading IT bellwethers, such as Akamai, Dassault, EMC and others.

The fact is: we provide, superior, actionable data and research analysis at a fraction of the cost, because our experts run the front line. You don’t pay for us to staff low- and mid-level researchers. Your project is managed and executed solely by seasoned experts who know how to get to “Yes” when scouring for valuable information.

Our superiority is easy to sum up: Experience.

Our Contextual Database: The Unfair Advantage

InTelliBase is a proprietary marketing and prospect database of 1.5 million+ IT professionals and buyers which we continuously cleanse, update and verify. The prospect intelligence that cannot be found elsewhere identifies people in context – the technologies we’ve mapped to their organization and the types of solutions that interest them.

For special research programs that focus on the IT partner channel, we have recently beefed up InTelliBase’s channel professionals. We tap into these 300,000 people – based on the technology and solution expertise of each – to gain additional dimensions and context.

Over 1,000 Successful Lead Programs Completed

“We’ve been using markITelligence for over five years. They are the only company to consistently deliver the results we need, and they do it for both domestic and international lead development programs.”

– Anastasia Antonova, Marketing Manager, Netwrix

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